I spice up my life.

I fill my days with fun and rewarding activities, adventures, and new experiences. I welcome surprises. I am grateful for the unexpected blessings that come my way.

I eat delicious foods. I visit a farmers market or ethnic grocery to discover new herbs that I can toss into a salad. I broil salmon for breakfast instead of settling for the same old cereal.

I hang out with family and friends. My connection with others makes my life richer and more meaningful. I schedule weekly coffee dates and happy hours. I make family dinners a regular practice.

I reach out to new contacts. I introduce myself to others at yoga classes and bookstore readings.

I pursue my passions. I volunteer for worthy causes. I choose hobbies that make me feel more accomplished. I play piano or build a cabinet.

I continue learning. I read novels and watch documentaries. I browse online to read the latest health studies or look up the origin of unusual words. I challenge myself at work. I sign up for assignments that stretch my skills.

I travel near and far. I explore nearby neighborhoods and go on weekend outings. I use vacations and business trips to check out local historic sites and outdoor sports.

I redecorate my home and office. I repaint my living room or hang a painting on the wall above my desk.

Today, I put more fun and excitement into my life. I create adventures.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is one new activity that I can try today?
2. What can my children teach me about having fun?
3. How does practicing mindfulness make my life more interesting?