I support my friends.

I help my friends and support them in everything. I listen to their ideas, extend suggestions, and show up at their events. I give advice and offer help. I am their rock during difficult times. Our friendship is strong.

I am a reliable friend. My friends can always count on me to be there for them, whether they’re celebrating good times or trying to make it through troubles.

I notice the rough patches my friends experience. I reach out to them to help and make them a priority.

I listen to my friends without judgment or criticism.

I understand their experiences are unique, so my opinions are secondary. I see their anxiety, sadness, and stress. I make them feel better and give good advice.

My friends and I know that we can talk about anything together.

I am approachable and eager to listen. I ensure my friends know I am here for them at all times. I support them through relationships, work, and family challenges. I find the time to be with them.

I help my friends recover their joy and courage.

When things are going well for my friends, I am there for them. I am the first to congratulate them on a promotion or new baby. I remember their birthdays and other special days.

Today, I support my friends in everything they do. I stand by them as they face obstacles and help them rejoice when times are good.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I more fully support my friends?
2. Do all my friends deserve my support? Why or why not?
3. What can I do to show my support when I am busy?