Mental fortitude allows me to persevere.

I participate in activities that strengthen my mind. Being in a strong mental state gives me drive and determination. I am more equipped to persevere when my mental capacity is reinforced with self-belief and courage.

Professional difficulties sometimes wear me down to the point of quitting, but I avoid taking that step. I remind myself of my strength, instead.

I spend a lot of time with others who project a positive image. Being embraced and celebrated as someone special by these people allows me to believe in myself. I encourage them to dig deep for motivation and they do the same for me.

Meditation gives me an opportunity to be introspective and honest. Taking the time to assess past situations allows me to develop mechanisms for success in the future.

I build my mental fortitude when I allow myself to do without the niceties in life. Existing on less than desired teaches me how to sacrifice and be creative.

I remind myself that my spirit is bigger than my circumstances. Reinforcing this prevents me from breaking when times get tough. I face adversity with a smile in my heart.

Today, my state of mind determines my ability to succeed. I am committed to staying mentally strong and sharp so I can approach situations with focus and courage. My will to fight through the storm is more about my mind than my physical strength.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What impact does engaging in community outreach have on my mental state?
2. What other activities do I participate in to develop mental fortitude?
3. How do I respond when I am faced by a challenge?