My beauty deepens when I choose to live in love.

There is something beautiful about a person who lives in love. I maintain that disposition each day by choosing to put others ahead of myself.

Many circumstances tempt me to go after my own interests first, but I remind myself of my earthly role. I am here to be a source of compassion and love for those around me.

Making others happy brings me fulfillment.

When I make a kind gesture to a stranger, my heart smiles. The act radiates from within my soul because my actions are genuine. It is easy to identify when the source of joy is more than skin deep.

I am committed to emanating that deep positivity because it brightens the world around me.

I am less conscious about my outward appearance when I make the decision to live in love. Catering to others leaves little time to focus on myself.

My happiness becomes more than something that I see in a mirror. Whenever I feel less than beautiful, I choose to offer a hand instead of putting on makeup. I sense an immediate difference in my demeanor when I choose to give love.

Today, I love being beautiful on the inside because it projects outwards and causes the world to shine. My daily goal is to share a piece of my joy with each person I meet. Love is the only thing that remains in abundance when I continue to give it away.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some experiences that enrich my life?
2. How do I show love to strangers who I meet each day?
3. How do I know when it is time to nourish my soul?